Work Those Muscles and get Stronger Fast! (Mentally and Physically)

Working both the physical and mental muscles this morning. I made it through!
Working both the physical and mental muscles this morning. I made it through!

Pushing through those reps this morning was a killer. Doing leg day is the toughest workout of all and is hard to get through. It’s a mental challenge to have to keep telling yourself you can do it!  I felt like quitting many times this morning (so HARD!), but pushed through it.

I remind myself that the reason I am pushing myself so hard today is that as a result, I will be stronger tomorrow! This same concept applies to many areas of life as well! Work those mental and physical muscles and they will all get stronger over time ???. Day #61 of 91 of my current challenge complete! ✅

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Build on Mistakes and Challenges (and Get Stronger)


Mistakes or challenges in life and then learning from them has a way of building our strength by giving us better skills, resilience, self-confidence and power.

We face these difficulties for a reason even though that may be hard to see initially while we are in the midst of them. This has been true for me in many ways and I am still learning new lessons all the time.

Speaking of lessons, I have had some shoulder issues in the past, so wanted to share a tip with you.

A strong upper back is vital to minimize shoulder joint and shoulder girdle injuries. Many people who lift weights love the pressing and pushing exercises: bench press, incline press, decline press, dips, and overhead press which was what I used to focus on. …However, to counter balance those movements and give shoulder joint stability, pulling-type exercises need to be incorporated (see picture for example). If these moves are not done, the risk of injury is increased especially to shoulders!

So, to strengthen the upper-back/shoulder area, minimize injury potential, and boost your ability to optimize upper-body capacity, posterior upper-body pulling exercises need to be incorporated to give balance to the anterior pushing exercises most people do so much of.

This is where a professionally designed body building program comes in handy since it takes the guesswork out of the proper way to work out to keep the body and joints balanced and avoid injury. If you would like some guidance on this, be sure to contact me. I have learned so many valuable tips by training with professionals. It’s so worth it!

Day 54 of my current 91 day fighting and resistance training is complete!✅

Kick Ass the Fun Way (..and Lose Weight)

Have fun while working out and get amazing results!
Have fun while working out and get amazing results!

Have you ever had a dream where you could fight like they do on TV in those farfetched movies? Like fly through the air and drop kick, or knock down several people in minutes with your kick ass moves? During my workout this morning, I was visualizing just that! LOL?.

It was so fun to imagine this during my whole 40 minutes of kicking, slashing and punching that I was actually laughing out loud at myself in the end! I seriously got the best workout this morning as a result and am still laughing as I type this post…?

When our workout is fun and we get creative and imaginative, it really boosts motivation for the next workout! I am officially DONE ✅ day 49 of my current 91-day fitness challenge and it feels amazing!

The bonus now is that my mind really believes I have kicked someone’s ass who deserves it. I won’t mention any names ?

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Learn to Love Yourself. ( …Yes, it is possible)

Learning to love yourself isnt easy, but it is worth it!
Learning to love yourself isnt easy, but it is worth it!

After so many years of not knowing why I was so irritable, impatient, always in a hurry, overwhelmed, and grouchy, I have recently made some discoveries!  I would often say to myself “I cannot even stand myself like this”….and it wouldn’t be just be during PMS either! 🙂

As I move through my emotional healing journey some major issues are being uncovered. From years of trauma and abuse and packing all those negative feelings away in the back of my mind so I could just survive, subconsciously I did not have positive feelings about myself at all!  I didn’t even realize this since I was too busy responding to life challenges and in survival mode all day to even realize!  Aha! No wonder I was so cranky!

After developing beliefs as a child that you are no good for anything, not worthy of love, useless and never good enough, subconsciously, those beliefs remain with you and affect your future beliefs in yourself as well as your emotional responses to the world around you (especially in your closest intimate relationships). It’s scary just how much this affects us as an adult!

It has taken me tremendous work, research, digging deep, determination and sharing my experiences with others to truly begin to love myself. I have learned so much on this journey that I would be honored to have the opportunity to help you to learn to love yourself too!!   A few things I have learned so far are to;  give myself permission to put myself first, say “no” to unloving acts towards me (out of self-love, remove myself from hurtful situations or people), forgive myself for mistakes I have made, celebrate myself when I achieve something (even if it is small), and learn that I am deserving of love and other good things.

Now that I have these self-realizations, am I an expert or am I perfect?

NO! I do still have much more work to do on myself, and I consider myself a work in progress, but I have made huge strides already and have learned so much about how to take steps in the right direction.   Sometimes, sharing your struggles with someone who is going through it to, or is just a few steps ahead of where you are, can be the most effective way to make progress and feel genuinely supported and understood too!

We are all human, and we ALL deserve love. Today, do yourself a favor and start with yourself. You’ll thank yourself later! And so will everyone who can feel the beautiful, loving energy developing in you.

…and yes, that is me in the image above… Today, I decided to give myself a hug after finishing my workout this morning and, yes, I truly felt I deserved it! ?

I have an upcoming private group coming up in February called the Love-Yourself Challenge.  Click on the image below and complete the form if you are interested in joining the group and I will get back to you privately by email within 24 hours to give you the details…  Make yourself a priority….this will be the first step! 🙂

Be sure to join the upcoming challenge! Change your life forever!
Be sure to join the upcoming challenge! Change your life forever!

How do I compare to others? (does this determine my worthiness?)


I remember the days when I was regularly pissed off with myself because I was not slim, didn’t look like I “should”, didn’t have enough money like others, didn’t drive a nice enough car, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not successful enough etc… until I realized that this was a society comparison trap!

OMG!  What others have or do has nothing to do with me!

Until we really open our mind and think about it, we don’t even realize we are thinking this way and much of it is unconscious based on what we have experienced or heard in our lives about what who we “should” be or do in the world.  I realized that thinking this way will make us perpetually unhappy and definitely affect our ability to feel good about ourself!

How to change this though?

Part of how I improved on this way of thinking and get out of this “trap” was to study myself and learn about my personality and discover what strengths as an individual that I bring to the world. Only then was I really able to appreciate my uniqueness and abilities. I am still working on this, but it has made a HUGE difference in how I feel about myself! ?

In this process of self-discovery, I am learning to love myself. It’s probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

Remember…we are individuals and have our own uniqueness which truly makes us who we are! Learn to love those special things that make you who YOU are and realize that comparing is a total (most often subconscious) trap!

Exercise:  Ask yourself what you are currently unsatisfied about in your life.  Take a few minutes to write it down on a piece of paper.  What did you notice or feel bad about yourself when you were in your school years? What about you seemed different from others, but you wanted to change it to be more like other people?  What were your dreams as a child that were squashed by others opinions or by societal norms?  Lets have some discussion about this in the comments section below!

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