The Top 6 Reasons Women Over 40 Fall off the Wagon

The Top 6 Reasons Women Over 40 Struggle with Their Health and How to Overcome Them

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Today, I am going to talk about the six hidden reasons why women over 40 often struggle with maintaining their health and what you can do to overcome them. Whether it’s mental blocks, emotional eating, subconscious beliefs, lack of motivation, physical challenges, or the victim mentality, we’ll dive into each and offer practical solutions.

1. Mental Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Let’s start with mental blocks and limiting beliefs. Most of us carry baggage from our past, including negative self-talk and self-doubt. We often tell ourselves, “I can’t do it,” or “I’ve tried and failed before.” These beliefs can paralyze us or lead to self-sabotage.

Solution: To overcome this, you need to become self-aware and reprogram your subconscious. This involves exploring your past traumas, addressing your fears, and challenging these beliefs. Seeking the help of a coach or practicing self-hypnosis can be instrumental in changing your mindset and eliminating self-doubt.

2. Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is another common issue, often driven by stress, boredom, or the need for comfort. We use food to numb emotions or as an escape from facing difficult decisions.

Solution: Mindful eating is the key here. Ask yourself why you want to eat; is it genuine hunger or an emotional need or is there something you “should” be doing – like making a decision or working in a project? Instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks, find healthier ways to cope with procrastination, stress or boredom, like going for a walk or dealing with the root cause of your emotional state.

3. Subconscious Beliefs

Traumas from childhood and societal expectations can create deep-rooted subconscious beliefs. Women over 40 often feel the pressure to put everyone else first, which leads to neglecting their own health.

Solution: Your subconscious beliefs can be rewired through techniques like hypnosis or deal with fears using exposure therapy. Seek professional help or explore methods to peel away these layers and find your true self. Prioritize your health and make it the center of your life (and have everything else revolve around that).

4. Lack of Motivation

Many women over 40 feel overwhelmed, burned out, and drained by societal expectations. The lack of motivation often stems from putting others first and neglecting self-care.

Solution: Realign your priorities and put your health at the center of your life. Embrace the philosophy of “do it now” to eliminate procrastination. You may need to adapt your workout routine or engage in activities that reignite your motivation. Hypnosis can boost your confidence and motivation levels.

5. Physical Challenges

Health issues can be significant obstacles. Pain, chronic illnesses, or hormonal imbalances can be demoralizing, and medication use can result in side effects.

Solution: Prioritize clean eating and avoid inflammatory or toxic foods. Hydrate, move your body, and exercise regularly to regain control of your health. Seek professional medical advice, but remember that healthy eating and lifestyle changes are the most important, along with dealing with mind and limiting beliefs and emotions.

6. Victim Mentality

Living with a victim mentality often results in blaming circumstances and putting your health on the back burner. This mindset makes you susceptible to convenience rather than commitment.

Solution: Take 100% responsibility for your health. Set boundaries and live with intention. Challenge self-created expectations, and don’t let your circumstances dictate your health goals. Establish a routine that aligns with your life, combining flexibility and structure to ensure consistency.

In summary, for women over 40, maintaining health without falling off the wagon requires self-awareness, conscious choices, and the ability to let go of limiting beliefs.

By embracing a holistic approach to wellness, you can navigate mental blocks, emotional eating, and subconscious beliefs. Maintain your motivation, prioritize health, address physical challenges, and shift away from a victim mentality. With a personalized routine and the professional guidance of a coach, you can lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Seeking help, whether from a coach or a support group, can make all the difference. Make your health a top priority and watch as your life transforms for the better.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance, and consider a free consultation to explore your best path forward. Thank you for tuning in to The Health Warrior Be sure to join me for the next article coming up 🙂

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