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Today, I’m diving into a topic that turned my life around – the magical journey from survival mode to whatever success feels like. I used to be caught up in the daily grind, stuck in a loop of expectations and procrastination. It felt like life was dragging me along, and I was surviving, not thriving.

But guess what? I found the secret to opening up a whole new level of living, and it starts with a simple yet incredible shift – trading expectations for appreciation. ????

Expectations: The Silent Stress Creators

Let’s rewind a bit. I was your classic perfectionist, always setting the bar ridiculously high for myself. Every project, every goal, every day had to be flawless. But here’s the catch – chasing perfection is like chasing a rainbow’s end that keeps moving. You never quite catch it, leaving you feeling burnt out, stressed, and constantly doubting yourself.

Once I realized I was setting expectations for myself higher and higher so that it was never reachable, I was so blown away at the AHA moment!!!! I had been blind to it! I just called myself “ambitious”, “hard-working,” and a person with “high standards”…..well, I called BS on myself!!

Real life rarely matches those expectations….it simply brings on anger… stress… frustration, and, yes…more disappointment. And maybe even complete burnout before we realize what we are doing to ourselves. Yup…i was there too…

The Turning Point: Embracing Imperfections

One day, it hit me – expectations were the root of my suffering. I stumbled upon some motivational podcasts, and they talked about the beauty of spontaneity and imperfections and the freedom of letting go. It was like a light bulb moment. What if I was OK with imperfections and appreciated the journey instead of setting the bar higher and higher with crazy or unrealistic expectations?

I also learned that my overworking, really poor life balance and obsession with achieving was a direct result of my low self-worth and a need to prove over and over by achieving that I was actually worth something. How do you think it felt to discover this one?

OMG! I thought I truly was a “hard worker” and a “high-achiever”! and yes I certainly was…but not for the reasons I thought!! I was delusional!

Breaking Free from the Perfectionism Trap

I took a deep breath and decided to break free from the perfectionism and overworking trap. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t an overnight success. I started small, setting realistic goals and learning to appreciate each step, no matter how imperfect. Slowing down for me was painful…to stop and sit still was so difficult!!

The Procrastination-Procrastination Loop

Expectations and procrastination are so interconnected… feeding off each other’s negative energy. I found myself hesitating to start projects, fearing imperfection. But here’s the truth: expectations fuel procrastination. It was time to break the loop.

I also had such huge expectations for myself that I was causing myself to screech to a halt, and I could often get started, but then I would get stuck in the “how” and get caught in procrastination.

Mindful Living: From Expectations to Appreciation

So now…speaking of “mindfulness,” which is simply just getting quiet, breathing into your heart space and being in the present moment… I started practicing being present in the moment, appreciating what I had right now.

Mindfulness was like a reset button, helping me silence the noise, breathe, and appreciate the simplicity of the present.

To get to that state was VERY hard for me. I literally had to start with 1 minute, then gradually increase until I got to 10 min, 12 min, then 20 min and once I was actually able to quiet my mind…I was blown away by how peaceful I felt. It was like a feeling I never had my whole life since I was always working, thinking, on the hamster wheel, and NEVER sitting down!

The Power of Small Goals

I switched my focus from huge, ridiculous, unachievable goals and expectations to small, realistic ones. Every little achievement became a cause for celebration. It was so freeing to realize that progress was about enjoying the journey, not just achieving and reaching the end goals. So much less pressure!

From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion

Most importantly, I learned to have grace and patience and to be kind to myself.

The cycle of self-criticism and fear of failure was replaced with self-compassion. I understood that I deserved breaks, moments of quiet introspection, and appreciation for who I am. This did NOT happen overnight and certainly NOT until I was able to relax and do nothing for at least 20 min! Hypnosis was a HUGE factor for me in getting to this point. It’s a very powerful tool!

Transformative Results

The results? Life-changing. I felt a profound sense of peace, freedom from the heavy burden of overworking, perfectionism, and being so focused on achieving and increased productivity! (yes, i was focused on that…literally ALL the time!)

I could breathe, relax, and, most importantly, appreciate my life journey and even get back to enjoying the other areas of my life that had been neglected while overworking. friends, family, and so much more had been totally neglected!

Join the Journey of Transformation

So, here I am, sharing my story with you. If you’re tired of the survival mode, the stress, and the constant chase for achievement and perfection, it’s time for a change.

It may be high time for you to go on that journey from the hamster wheel of achievement, perfectionism, frustration with procrastination…and finally go on this journey from survival mode to whatever success means to you, from expectations to appreciation.

And hey, if you want a helping hand to kick procrastination out of your life and tap into the transformative power of relaxation and appreciation, I’m here for you. Let’s change your story and those delusions. Hypnosis combined with coaching works …and FAST!

Life is too short to be in survival mode. take a good hard look at your life…It’s time to thrive. ????

Cheers to spontaneity, relaxation, imperfections, small victories, and a life of many facets (spiritual, family, friends, work, health, financial, relationships and more) that we can actually enjoy!



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