Learn to Love Yourself. ( …Yes, it is possible)

Learning to love yourself isnt easy, but it is worth it!
Learning to love yourself isnt easy, but it is worth it!

After so many years of not knowing why I was so irritable, impatient, always in a hurry, overwhelmed, and grouchy, I have recently made some discoveries!  I would often say to myself “I cannot even stand myself like this”….and it wouldn’t be just be during PMS either! 🙂

As I move through my emotional healing journey some major issues are being uncovered. From years of trauma and abuse and packing all those negative feelings away in the back of my mind so I could just survive, subconsciously I did not have positive feelings about myself at all!  I didn’t even realize this since I was too busy responding to life challenges and in survival mode all day to even realize!  Aha! No wonder I was so cranky!

After developing beliefs as a child that you are no good for anything, not worthy of love, useless and never good enough, subconsciously, those beliefs remain with you and affect your future beliefs in yourself as well as your emotional responses to the world around you (especially in your closest intimate relationships). It’s scary just how much this affects us as an adult!

It has taken me tremendous work, research, digging deep, determination and sharing my experiences with others to truly begin to love myself. I have learned so much on this journey that I would be honored to have the opportunity to help you to learn to love yourself too!!   A few things I have learned so far are to;  give myself permission to put myself first, say “no” to unloving acts towards me (out of self-love, remove myself from hurtful situations or people), forgive myself for mistakes I have made, celebrate myself when I achieve something (even if it is small), and learn that I am deserving of love and other good things.

Now that I have these self-realizations, am I an expert or am I perfect?

NO! I do still have much more work to do on myself, and I consider myself a work in progress, but I have made huge strides already and have learned so much about how to take steps in the right direction.   Sometimes, sharing your struggles with someone who is going through it to, or is just a few steps ahead of where you are, can be the most effective way to make progress and feel genuinely supported and understood too!

We are all human, and we ALL deserve love. Today, do yourself a favor and start with yourself. You’ll thank yourself later! And so will everyone who can feel the beautiful, loving energy developing in you.

…and yes, that is me in the image above… Today, I decided to give myself a hug after finishing my workout this morning and, yes, I truly felt I deserved it! ?

I have an upcoming private group coming up in February called the Love-Yourself Challenge.  Click on the image below and complete the form if you are interested in joining the group and I will get back to you privately by email within 24 hours to give you the details…  Make yourself a priority….this will be the first step! 🙂

Be sure to join the upcoming challenge! Change your life forever!
Be sure to join the upcoming challenge! Change your life forever!