Take Action Today (To Achieve Quickly!)


It is what you do today that really matters. NOT what you say or think you will start doing tomorrow, next week, or after an event …it’s the actions that happen now that actually matter.

Just think how different your life would be if your decisions occurred quickly and the action started today? How would you then feel 3 months from now?

Its not just about health though….success in every area of our life depends on action in the right direction.  It could be decisions about business, relationships, finances, career, and so much more!!

Being on the fence and procrastination…both lead to the death of success. I have been there before and learned this lesson the hard way.  Don’t lose out on opportunities by waiting too long….you may lose out on something or someone forever by waiting or planning for “tomorrow”

Decide quickly, take action now and achieve quicker than you ever imagined! Action is the key! Start now and just do it!

As Tony Robbins says…we are either growing or we are dying…so lets keep moving forward and grow!

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Self-Discipline Makes You Stronger (In More Ways Than One)


What is the definition of self-discipline? It’s making yourself do something that you need to do even though you really do NOT want to.

After going non-stop like a maniac 18 hours a day all week, I was definitely not feeling much ‘get up and go’ at all. I laid in bed for as long as possible, hitting the snooze button several times, then finally when I started to hear the 2-year old stirring, I realized that if I didn’t kick my butt out of bed now, that I would have zero chance to do my workout!! This was enough to get me moving!

This sweet little 2-year old grandson that I have with me full-time is very busy and determined to keep me busy with all his requests all day…LOL. Grandma taking an hour to work out would just not go over well! He is in that fun phase now. Lol?

I am happy to say that despite my fatigue and zero motivation, I got the whole 52 minutes of exercise in this morning… it was not perfect and I could not keep up with every push-up they did, but I can say with satisfaction that it is DONE!

Speaking of Self-discipline, it makes us stronger in more ways than just physically…

Self-discipline is an essential skill pretty much for every area of our life!!  It is likely one of the most important and helpful skills everyone needs! My experience is, though most people agree that it is an important skill, very few people actually do something to strengthen it!

Remember something… self-discipline does not mean being rough towards yourself, or living in a limited way.  What self discipline really means is to have self control, which is an indication of inner strength and control of yourself, your actions, and your reactions.

Self discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow them through, without changing your mind, and is therefore, one of the important requirements for achieving goals.

The possession of self-discipline enables you to persevere with your decisions and plans until you accomplish them. It shows as inner strength, helping you to overcome addictions, past emotional crisis such as abuse, procrastination and laziness, and to follow through with whatever you do.

Over the last couple of years I’ve come to see self-discipline as an invisible magic. You can’t see, taste, or smell it, but its effects are massive. Self-discipline can transform fat into fit, flabby into muscular, ignorance into expertise, poor into rich, and miserable into happy!  It’s the hidden part of you that others just don’t see when they see your ‘genius’.

Self-discipline has made me happier; it give me the sense of real achievement that is earned through sustained focus and small successes along the way.  I have learned that if you really want to succeed at anything, then achieving some degree of self-discipline is essential!!

So, what about you?

Right here, right now, as you’re reading this, you may be at a crossroads in your life.   You can stick to your old habits and patterns, knowing deep down you’re not living nearly at the level you’re capable of… Or you can use this post as a catalyst towards greatness by realizing that this does apply to you and by implementing the strategies contained in the attached download for you..

Today could be the day you start developing incredible willpower and discipline.  Anyone can do this.  It all starts with a decision.

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The 100% rule completely changed my life (and it can change yours too!)

100% is easy, 99% is hard!
100% is easy, 99% is hard!

The 100% rule has completely changed my life!!  100% is easier than 99%.

Say what?

Yes!! When we stick to something 100% it’s far easier than if we give in to even 1%. If we decide to quit smoking and allow even a few puffs here and there, how hard would it be to stay quit? Or have you truly even “quit” if you still dabble in it?

The same goes with eating sugar or junk food! If we stay away from it 100%, it becomes solid in our mind and is actually easy! If you give in and even have one chocolate or a few chips, then how HARD does it become not to have more?

The same rule applies to exercise. If we allow our exercise to slide even 1%, how hard does it become to get back or stay on track after that?  I am currently away from home at a conference in Florida for a week with very long days and minimal sleep.  But this is no excuse not to be 100% with exercise and superfood.  No way was I going to let my health slip because of travel … I know how hard it would be to get back on track if I allowed even 1% slip!   I digitally streamed my workouts on laptop and got my early morning MMA workout in, in a very small 6×6′ space and had a delicious superfood shake afterwards.  Once you have decided to commit 100%, then no excuses will be valid, and it will be much easier!

It is true that our well-meaning 99% effort actually becomes exhausting since it consumes more energy without producing results! It is actually stressful! It makes us feel like a failure when we are not — we just haven’t fully committed to something. Putting only 99% effort into things that really matter in life means we are constantly falling short of our potential — and feeling bad about it.

It boils down to decision and commitment. If you quit smoking, then in your mind, you need to 100% not touch cigarettes…then you can identify powerfully and with certainty as a ‘non-smoker’. Because even 1% use still means you are a smoker!

Jack Canfield puts it in this way “99% is a b*tch, and 100% is a breeze”. If something is tugging at you, then you likely have been “99-per centing” too long!

Comment below about some habits that you need to change?  What have you been 99% on that feels so difficult?   Give 100% a try, you may find that it will change your life as it changed mine!


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What decisions lead to success?

Consistency in good decisions leads to success
Consistency in good decisions leads to success

It is those small decisions that we make and consistency of those decisions every day in the right direction that make all the difference in our success or failure.

For example, choosing an apple over a chocolate bar, choosing to do a workout instead of watching TV, choosing to speak kind of others instead of gossiping, choosing to see the best in others instead of focusing on their faults, choosing to save that $10 instead of buying junk food…and so much more!!

This morning I could have had an extra hour of sleep (much needed), but…even though I didn’t want to, I got up at 5 am and got a plyometric workout in. This was a choice! I can choose to be successful in my health and fitness and be consistent or I could choose an extra hour of sleep…hmmm I think I made the right choice and will do the same thing tomorrow even if I really do not want to! This is called Self-discipline and I don’t hesitate to kick my own butt if I need it!? …??

What other choices can you think of that people could make more consistently each day to be happier and more successful in their life?  Comment below!

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