Do Small Choices Matter? (Yes! They Do!)


Seriously! When I started on my health and fitness journey 2 years ago, I could not even do more than a couple push-ups on my knees or more than a few minutes of jumping jacks before being out of breath! It’s amazing what our body can achieve if we push it to do more each day. I guess that is the power of the compound effect. You may not think that each and every workout makes a difference in the long run, but in fact they DO! Every snack choice (an apple instead of a Hershey bar) and every decision we make towards a healthier choice (no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it is) every single day does matter!

Choose to be active instead of sitting on the couch. Choose to do a workout instead of wasting time scrolling social media. Choose a garden salad with roasted chicken instead of a burger at the restaurant. Just by making these better choices each and every day and adding superfoods to my diet, I have dropped 42 pounds and am feeling the strongest and healthiest that I have in my life! Now as a grandmother, I can call myself the MMA Granny and I have earned it! ?

The compound effect of each and every choice we make each and every day really does matter. Keep that in mind for today and as you think about what you will do to be healthier in the next month! We all mess up once in awhile since we are human after all, but if we mess up too often, that has a compound effect in the wrong direction!

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Feel the Fear, do it Anyways

Good advice for myself this morning. This advice applies to so many areas of life since our fears and choices set the direction of our life! How many times have I chosen NOT to do something because I was afraid to look foolish! How many times have I avoided doing something that I knew darn well would be good for me, but I was too afraid! Countless times! I shudder to think about it!

This morning, I was afraid to put myself into one arm burpies…afraid of failing, falling or hurting myself. I gritted my teeth and just told myself I could do it! I in fact did them and now that I have made myself do it, it has reinforced the positive belief I have in myself that I totally CAN and I will not be afraid the next time! ??¬† A torn ligament in one hand will not stop me!

If you believe you can do it, you can!
If you believe you can do it, you can!

Think about this today! What is it that you want to do or accomplish where fear is holding you back? Take the leap of faith, do it anyway and you will be surprised at how you feel!

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It is simple to get healthy

Keep it simple
Keep it simple

To become healthy is very simple.

I really only had to learn about a half a dozen things in order to become fit and healthy…a half dozen! Anyone can learn only a half dozen things!

When you boil it down to the simplest of choices that move us in the right direction, it all starts with an apple. Yes!! An apple!!

We have all heard the saying …”an apple a day…”
The basis of our choices really does begin with choices this simple… We can choose to have an apple a day or we can choose to have a Hershey bar (or something similar) per day. By choosing our food, we are choosing how we want to feel and ultimately how our health will be in the long run. Yes, we choose how we will feel by these simple choices ?

The key thing is that I only had to learn a half dozen things in order to turn my health around. It’s truly simple. It may not be easy, but it is simple and not hard to learn ??

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What decisions lead to success?

Consistency in good decisions leads to success
Consistency in good decisions leads to success

It is those small decisions that we make and consistency of those decisions every day in the right direction that make all the difference in our success or failure.

For example, choosing an apple over a chocolate bar, choosing to do a workout instead of watching TV, choosing to speak kind of others instead of gossiping, choosing to see the best in others instead of focusing on their faults, choosing to save that $10 instead of buying junk food…and so much more!!

This morning I could have had an extra hour of sleep (much needed), but…even though I didn’t want to, I got up at 5 am and got a plyometric workout in. This was a choice! I can choose to be successful in my health and fitness and be consistent or I could choose an extra hour of sleep…hmmm I think I made the right choice and will do the same thing tomorrow even if I really do not want to! This is called Self-discipline and I don’t hesitate to kick my own butt if I need it!? …??

What other choices can you think of that people could make more consistently each day to be happier and more successful in their life?  Comment below!

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