What decisions lead to success?

Consistency in good decisions leads to success
Consistency in good decisions leads to success

It is those small decisions that we make and consistency of those decisions every day in the right direction that make all the difference in our success or failure.

For example, choosing an apple over a chocolate bar, choosing to do a workout instead of watching TV, choosing to speak kind of others instead of gossiping, choosing to see the best in others instead of focusing on their faults, choosing to save that $10 instead of buying junk food…and so much more!!

This morning I could have had an extra hour of sleep (much needed), but…even though I didn’t want to, I got up at 5 am and got a plyometric workout in. This was a choice! I can choose to be successful in my health and fitness and be consistent or I could choose an extra hour of sleep…hmmm I think I made the right choice and will do the same thing tomorrow even if I really do not want to! This is called Self-discipline and I don’t hesitate to kick my own butt if I need it!? …??

What other choices can you think of that people could make more consistently each day to be happier and more successful in their life?  Comment below!

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