The Critical Link Between Health and Success after age 50.

Have you ever found yourself putting in a lot of effort towards self-improvement, trying various techniques like coaching, therapy, and more, yet still feeling like something’s missing? Especially if you’re over 40 or 50, you might have noticed that the transformational journey isn’t as smooth as it used to be. This blog post dives into a game-changing realization: achieving your goals and finding peace and joy is intricately tied to how you treat your body.

The Turning Point: Resetting Your Approach

Despite all the inner work, a crucial factor often gets overlooked – how you nourish and care for your body. The foods you eat, the liquids you consume, and how you move your body play a pivotal role in your transformational journey. It’s no longer about age-old methods of pushing through; it’s about resetting your entire approach.

A Matter of Input: What You Consume Matters

What you put into your body becomes the building blocks of your energy and overall well-being. Over 40 and especially over 50, your body undergoes significant changes, making it far less forgiving of unhealthy choices. Processed foods, excessive sugar, artificial additives, and trans fats wreak havoc on your body’s delicate balance. These substances are foreign to your system and can lead to various health issues.

Exercise: More Than Physical Fitness

Physical activity is not just about looking fit; it’s about igniting your body’s natural rejuvenation process. As you age, circulation and metabolism slow down, making regular exercise vital. It’s not about running marathons; even simple movements can stimulate sweat glands, detoxify your body, and improve your overall vitality.

The Foundation of Transformation: Health

Picture your health as the solid foundation on which the house of your dreams stands. Just as a shaky foundation affects the entire structure, neglecting your health can hinder your personal development journey. Whether your goals involve relationships, wealth, energy, or well-being, health is the cornerstone. It’s the catalyst that propels all other parts of your transformation forward.

Introducing the 8-Week Health Reset Challenge

Imagine a program designed to empower you to take charge of your health, regardless of your lifestyle. Whether you’re a traveller, nomad or a camper-dweller, this program accommodates everyone. It’s not another impractical diet plan; it’s a toolkit for shifting both your body and mind towards positive transformation. By aligning your health with your goals, you’ll witness the layers of inner work peeling away faster than you thought possible.

Embracing Holistic Well-being

Chasing quick fixes and relying on chemicals (think pills!) can lead to more harm than good. Instead, consider the wisdom of holistic well-being. Your body has an incredible capacity to heal and balance itself when provided with the right conditions. One example is…Why resort to risky medications when you can holistically manage cholesterol and heart health by making simple dietary adjustments? The same applies to weight, hormones and energy

OK….what now?

Your journey towards realizing your goals and finding inner peace doesn’t have to be a complicated maze. By prioritizing your health, you set the stage for holistic transformation. The 8-Week Health Reset Challenge is your ticket to a revitalized mind and body, accelerating your progress in EVERY area of your life!

** Remember, transformation begins inside of us, and your body is more than capable of responding positively if given the right conditions. Don’t wait; take the first step towards a brighter, healthier, and more peaceful and joy-filled you in only a few short weeks.

Are you ready to go on this transformative journey?

Reach out to me now on social media or email at to join the upcoming 8-Week Health Reset Challenge. It’s time to kickstart the mind and body cleanup process that will definitely lead to rapid and profound changes in every part of your life.

Get going to balance hormones! (Become a Fit Grandparent)

Maintaining lean body mass is an important way to maintain a healthy body composition and minimize natural aging!


As we age, we typically lose lean body mass and gain fat mass… It’s a natural change that occurs with our body composition. However, we can fight this by working on maintaining our lean body mass through lifting and burning fat through exercise… When our body composition is more balanced, we naturally have a stronger and more balanced signalling systems in our body which naturally keeps up our energy and our hormone balance as well.   

The moment you sit by and allow the natural body composition change to occur, you will see fat build up around the middle, and muscle mass on limbs and body start to decline… Do not let this happen if you can help it!  Fighting this will keep you younger longer, keep you well, and keep up your energy…   If you’re like me… as a grandma, I want to be able to keep up to my three-year-old grandson and I do not want to be sitting in a chair, being tired, lazy, and weak, because my body has aged too much…no thanks!

We can fight this natural aging process and it just takes a bit of work a few times a week to build muscle mass, to reduce fat and to re-balance of hormones and then look and feel much younger as a result!   Incorporating clean/whole food eating lifestyle, adding superfoods and eliminating pop and junk/processed food will get you there even faster!

Without your health, what do you really have?  We all want energy and a sense of well-being and we know how much it changes our life when we feel good!!. Get started now and make a change for the better! Improve the quality of your life, change your body composition, balance those hormones, and build some muscles! It’s not that hard, and it only takes work a few days a week to get it done!

Getting yourself a nutrition and fitness coach can also make all the difference… And I definitely recommend it as it made such a big difference for me. It made such a difference in fact… that I decided to become a coach myself and I even took special training on strategic intervention so that I could be the most effective coach possible for you.

if you have been looking for a completely new approach a new way to get into good shape… Perhaps it’s time to message me and to get onto a program with the support of coach.  Don’t delay..there is no time like NOW to get going and get those hormones and muscles in check!


Is your Stress Causing Weight Gain?

Stress leads to unwanted gains or difficulty losing
Stress leads to unwanted gains or difficulty losing

We women struggle with weight.

Especially if we’re over thirty or forty.

Without our permission, weight begins to add itself to our waistline.
Even if we’re eating well and exercising! It’s so unfair.

What’s worse, and what adds to the injustice, is the advice of some medical professionals to “get used to it” because it’s “just how it is”. “This is aging, sorry.” “Nothing you can do about it.”

That, my friend, is bunk. Baloney. Boohockey. Bull.

There is absolutely something we can do about pre-menopausal weight gain.
I know this not only as a medical professional. I know not only as a fitness coach whose clients experience success. I know because I LIVED it. I was middle-aged, over-weight, and desperate for a solution. And I beat it.

Middle-aged, pre-menopausal, unbalanced-hormone induced weight gain is absolutely something we can influence and even conquer.

There are a few factors that worsen or improve premenopausal symptoms (like weight gain). We’ve talked about a few of them. Today I want to address one of the big ones.

It may surprise you to learn that stress impacts both our hormones and fat storage.

Medically Speaking

Cortisol is a hormone that regulates both hunger and fat storage. The more stress you have, the more Cortisol is released. This hormone causes fat storage, particularly around the mid-section.

At the same time, this flooding of hormones also suppresses the thyroid which is in charge of our metabolism. So, chronic stress lowers thyroid function which slows metabolism – another cause for fat storage.

Translation: Stress tells our hormones to store fat.

This is meant to fuel the fight or flight response stress historically required. If you were a cavewoman, stressed out by the cougar stalking your family, your body would fuel you for the fight. Today, in our culture, we need not flee or fight to battle the stressor. Demanding children, insufficient finances, high demands at work, or difficult relationships are our stressors. These modern stressors are dealt with more internally. So all the fuel gets stored instead of used.
That storage warehouse is located on our midsection. Aren’t we lucky?

What To Do About It

Despite this process being knitted right into our DNA, we actually can regulate how our body works. We’ve talked about balancing hormones with food and exercise, but let’s address stress.  How can we combat stress?

Let’s start with how not to combat stress: hiding in any unhealthy behaviour or substance will actually do the opposite – it will cause more stress. Over-eating, over-shopping, alcohol and drug use, and over-use of media and screens can all be tempting as a way to unwind or relax, but they actually do us harm.

Food, drugs, and alcohol fiddle with our hormones (and internal organs), over-shopping can pinch the wallet, adding more stress, and over-use of media and screens leaves us feeling empty, lethargic, and sedentary.

I started with how not to reduce stress because reducing stress is actually highly personal. There’s no ‘one list’ of specific things to do that will, guaranteed, reduce stress for everyone. One person will be energized by being with a group of friends, and another will be exhausted by it for example.

I can offer ideas though. People have found the following to be energizing, relaxing, and refreshing. Try them out. Experiment. See what lowers your stress level. Then keep it up. Add it to your regular weekly (or daily) schedule. This is not about a quick fix, it’s about maintenance. Health is a long-game, not a fast food.

Ideas to De-Stress:

  • Meditation and/or prayer
  • Hang out with friends
  • Play with your kids
  • Do something active (skiing, tennis, snowmobiling, quadding, walk, jog, bike, hike, swim…)
  • Read a book (one you enjoy, not one that feels like homework)
  • Take a day off – do no work. No house work, no yard work, no thinking about work.
  • Do something creative (knitting, woodworking, painting, writing, scrapbooking, pottery, singing, dancing class…)
  • Go for a long drive
  • Check out open houses, window shop in a store you love,
  • Get a spa treatment – massage, manicure, or a nice long hair treatment
  • Go on a retreat, spend some time reflecting.

Even when we eat well and exercise, a high-stress lifestyle can stall any fat-burning success we seek.

Health isn’t a tactical approach. (as Westerners, we hate this, I know. We want results and we want them now!) But health is holistic. It’s a process of maintaining health on all fronts, not just one. We need to focus on clean eating as much as we focus on exercise, as much as we focus on minimizing stress. This is what it takes to thrive in health.

If you’re tempted to feel overwhelmed by this, thinking, “well, I’m not getting them all right, so I may as well do none of them”, don’t give up!!

New habits are hard to establish, and old ones are hard to break. Keep trying. Then try some more. Change one small thing at a time. Think progress, not perfection. It’s the long game, not fast food.

Don’t give up.

You can do this.


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