You Cannot Prevent Once it’s Already Happened (So start NOW!)


Sigh…I sure had trouble getting up early today …it has been a very busy and tiring week so far!  Why did they invent SNOOZE buttons anyways?   However, a little push and a kick got me moving to do the AAA workout of the day. Arms, Abs and A## was on the workout menu today!?   Day 4 of 80 day challenge is officially completed! 🙂

When it comes to health, it is not just about the weight on the scale but it’s about moving the body, getting your superfood and nutrients so that you can be younger, healthier, and happier and have a better quality of life… And prevent disease! The list of health conditions connected to a lack of exercise and poor nutrition is a very long list. Remember that PREVENTION is the key… Don’t wait until something happens first with your health to finally get you motivated. The time is NOW!

It is not easy sticking to a healthy diet, nor is it easy getting up early to exercise… But it’s also not easy looking at an unhealthy self in the mirror and wishing you would’ve done something different.

If you have tried many programs and can’t seem to stick with a health plan, consider getting a health coach because this can make such a difference for you.(ask me about this if you want some help).

To download tips to improve your self-discipline, click HERE

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