HIIT and Lift your Way to Health (…with me!)

The beauty of HIIT workouts is that you can do a very short workout and burn a tonne of fat!   In today’s world, things are so busy and it feels like were all so short on time… So, we need a workout that’s going to give us maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time!!    

Ideally, a workout program would include some weights and some HIIT to maximize muscle building as well as fat burning all in one short and sweet workout!!  Now wouldn’t that be awesome?

It was like a dream come true when I heard about a new program coming out that is exactly that!!   Just what I was looking for!!  …

A program that provides structured workouts involving weights and HIIT all in one and… In a short workout only four days a week!   No seriously… That sounds so doable and awesome!   Don’t you think?

Starting in mid July, I have made the decision to lead a small group of motivated busy people through this new program by setting up a private accountability group.  As a very busy grandma and professional, (and business owner), it is ultra important to maintain energy and health not only for myself and my patients… But also for my little grandson who is full of energy at three years old and who wants a grandma that he can go play with outside who won’t get tired out after only a couple minutes LOL ? 

In order to be effective at coaching and leading you through this program (including nutrition), I am going to limit the participants to 10 to 12.  Those interested in joining this exclusive coaching program will need to apply to join and show that they are truly committed before getting accepted.   

As a bonus for being part of this special program, you will learn to develop a success mindset, learn the benefits of keto as well as how to maximize the power of momentum in your life.  (not to mention prizes for completion and participation as well!)

For questions about this program, comment in comments for this post or send me a private message!   The time is ticking, so we need to have our group set up within the next week!   Deadline for applications is June 30 and we need to have time to order in our supplies for a July 16th start date!

APPLY HERE to join this exclusive group… PLEASE NOTE!   Only apply if you are truly committed to transforming your life!


Muscles Pump You Up (In More Ways Than One!)


There is something about working those muscles hard and having that feeling of being totally pumped up afterwards!! I just love that feeling!

The muscles feel swollen and full as the blood surges through them after the heavy burn wears off.. if you have never felt it, you may not know what I mean.. but if you have done a good lifting routine…you will know exactly what I am talking about here…???

This morning, I feel compelled to talk about what goes on inside the muscle to make it feel this way and how that gives us benefit, conditioning and a sense of well-being.  Its totally changed my life to do resistance training and I am certain it would change yours as well.

It may sound weird, but the action of lifting weights actually depletes muscle building nutrients in the body and causes microscopic tears in our muscle fibres.  Its only after the workout is over that our bodies work to repair the damage we inflicted on it and then the muscle growth starts to happen.  Immediately after a workout, the body gets to work by increasing blood flow to those muscles causing them to feel bigger and more full.  This increase blood flow and high rate of repair happens for up to several hours after a workout.

How to make sure our muscles repair and stay with us…

Its important to regularly have small meals with carbs and proteins after the workout to help keep the growth and repair process moving forward.  During our sleep time at night, our body runs out of repair nutrients while we are sleeping (fasting) and this is why having a bit of extra protein at bedtime can be helpful to keep this repair process working well while sleeping.  If we have prolonged periods of fasting, our body goes into what is called a catabolic state where muscle breakdown occurs.  We definitely do not want to get into this state as it will reduce our muscle mass…so be sure that muscle is well fed and don’t allow your body to go into prolonged fasting periods.

WHY build muscle anyways?

Lifting weights (resistance training) is important to build muscle strength, but it also strengthens the surrounding connective tissue as well (tendon, ligament).  The stronger the structures are, the less likely it will be that you will experience a strain, dislocation or tear around a joint or a muscle injury while in motion!!

The health benefits to having conditioned muscles are so amazing, that it is an important activity to incorporate into your life ASAP!    Having muscles improves our physical appearance (more toned, nice shape, less fat), gives us more energy, increases bone density, increases power and strength, reduced injury, makes recovery from injuries faster, slows down aging and improves hormone balance, increases HDL (good cholesterol), improves our balance, lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate.  The list goes on and on… so many benefits!

Oh and one more thing!  Conditioned muscles typically do not cause us chronic pain!  Yes, we will have some sore muscles from lifting at times especially when increasing weight or intensity, but in general, conditioned muscles at rest do not cause us pain!  HUGE BENEFIT that improves quality of life!  I suffered from chronic body, muscle, neck and knee pains for years and getting into shape completely transformed my quality of life and I am not in pain any longer!  Its so worth the work!

If you would like to find a professionally designed resistance training program to get started with, please contact me and I will help you out.

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How to Reduce Arthritic Joint Pain Naturally (Exercises To Decrease Pain and Increase Mobility)


Tai Cheng is slow and gentle exercise, but effective for joint health.
Tai Cheng is slow and gentle exercise, but effective for joint health and pain reduction.


Illness and injury can make it feel impossible to move, much less work out.I know.

I injured my hand recently, and it makes exercising difficult sometimes.

I’ve had to adapt. Thankfully, the sports medicine doctors said my hand is healing well and won’t need surgery. Still, I need to be mindful of the limitation while it heals.

Working out is possible, even when we have pain. Actually, working out can actually help with our pain. We just have to adapt.

Today I want to talk about a specific kind of pain; arthritis.

The joint inflammation of arthritis causes can be painful and exhausting. While medication is often used to manage pain, it’s really not enough.

As a Nurse Practitioner and zealous proponent for prevention, I often see the element of exercise is overlooked as an effective management tool for many kinds of arthritis.

Physical activity is critical, even for someone with arthritis.

Regular exercise maintains and strengthens muscles, keeps them flexible, and even helps control pain and swelling in the joints. Beyond the physiological benefits, exercise has its psychological rewards too – decreasing stress, improving mood, and having a relaxing effect. Exercise is a powerful tool.

Exercises to Decrease Pain and Increase Mobility

There are a lot of different ways to approach exercise for pain management. (People with arthritis are much more capable of activity than they often think.) Here are a a few exercises to reduce pain and increase mobility, among other benefits. Key thing to remember – many exercises can be adapted to your strength and fitness level. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Chair Stand

Stand in front of a chair, with back of knees touching chair. Place your hands on the arms of the chair, shoulder width apart. Then, supporting your weight on your arms, bend at the elbow, lowering yourself a bit and then pushing yourself back up. You will be able to dip your butt down lower to the seat of the chair as time goes on once you get stronger.  You can even start this exercise by lowering yourself to the seat of your chair slowly and deliberately each time you go to sit. This activity alone will strengthen your arms more than you can imagine!

Yoga, Tai Cheng, Pilates/Piyo

Did you know stretching strengthens muscles? It does. And methods like yoga, Tai Cheng and piyo/pilates are fantastic programs for it. Can’t get out to the club? No problem – they can come to you in at-home DVD programs! Caution: as with any of these options, check with your doctor or NP first. It is important to start slowly and gradually increase the exercises as you get stronger.   Be sure to do this and don’t overdo it too fast or you may be vulnerable to injury.


Don’t underestimate the power of going for a walk every day. Movement gets our blood flowing, muscles working, and the body functioning more optimally. This is essential for reducing pain and inflammation in the joints. Whether you do it on a treadmill, out on the road, or on an Elliptical machine for reduced joint impact, the point is to get moving.

 Aquasize / Aqua-therapy

Check your local pool or YMCA for aqua-size class times. You may be fortunate enough to have a therapeutic pool in your area, which is even better for arthritis. There, water is kept at a warmer temperature (25.5 – 28°C), and the pool has access ramps for easier entry.

Weight Lifting

Yes, weight lifting is not only possible for someone with arthritis pain, but highly beneficial. As with many of these options, it’s best to get professional advice from your medical practitioner or fitness coach about how to proceed, but don’t let that stop you!


If walking impacts the joints too much, or you just happen to enjoy cycling, it’s a great alternative to get that blood flowing to muscles and joints. Hit the road for a scenic trip, or hop on a stationary bike at home or in a gym.  It is a good idea to combine this with yoga or Tai Cheng to ensure you have good balance before heading out on the road!


A wealth of active recreation options can be beneficial too, if done carefully. Such activities include golf, hiking, raking, curling, bowling, or gardening. The important thing is to do something that’s both comfortable and enjoyable.

 Benefits of Exercise to Arthritis:

The physical benefits of exercise to someone with arthritis are huge. Low-impact aerobics, strength training, and other activities listed above can help reduce joint stiffness (and prevent stiffness too!), build muscle, improve endurance, and benefit your heart and bones. Plus, you’ll feel great too – your mood will be improved, stress and anxiety reduced, and you’ll feel more relaxed.

Don’t know where to start? I can help.

Find out which at home fitness programs would benefit you most, or how clean eating will transform your health too!  (join the facebook clean eatery group by clicking HERE).

Take a few minutes to watch this Tai Cheng Video.…  To do this complete program may totally change your life!!

Once you get stronger and want to build up your core strength, you may be ready to move on to Piyo, which is an incredible program that combines pilates and yoga to help with back pain and create a solid core and strong muscles!

To get set up on a home-based programs or if you would like further information about options and recommendations, please CONTACT ME.

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