8 Weeks to Fit with Diane! (Grandbaby not Included 😁)


Super cute today… My little pumpkin decided to join me while I was doing my killer legs workout this morning… He wasn’t working out though… He was decking himself out in all of my workout exercise bands and slides LOL 😂

In the end, when It came time for me to do my stretches, he decided to make himself a “sleigh” out of my exercise mat and said he was going to slide down the hill with it 😂. 

Never a dull moment with my little pumpkin around LOL.   😍😍

I am almost done the second round of my eight week program and in fact… I only have two workouts left for the week and I will be done! ✅ 

I am starting another round of the same program again on Monday morning (Nov 12) if you wants to challenge yourself to eight weeks of fitness and nutrition with me in a private group?  

Please SHARE with anyone you think may be interested!   It’s going to be 8 weeks of special nutrition coaching for fat loss and muscle building!  (Targeted for female body type but will work for males too! 😁)

I need to get in the best shape EVER for a cruise I am going on first week of January, and I will bring you along the ride if you are interested! 😁💪🏻💪🏻. Let’s do this!!!

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