Adapt to Keep Going (No Matter What)


After a bad foot injury yesterday and a fractured toe on my left foot, I really had to hobble through my workout. I may have not been able to get the sweat going like I usually do or burned as many calories as normal…but I still got up, adapted and kept moving!

I still burned more calories than if I was asleep or lying on the couch, so I am still ahead of the game ?. Dang my stupid toe hurts! Its not going to stop me from achieving my goals though! There is always a way to adapt exercises for every injury, so there is never an excuse to quit!

Monday morning got kicked off the right way despite the challenges! Have a good one!

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Watch your Form when Lifting (Don’t be Like Me Today!)

Be extra careful with this move to have your abs held tight and your back straight before starting the swing
Be extra careful with this move to have your abs held tight and your back straight before starting the swing

Ouch!! Yup, I made the critical mistake this morning during my weighted cardio workout! When it came time to do the second round of ‘kettle bell’ swings, I didn’t take the time to get my form right before starting the move. Well, as a result, I felt a sudden sharp pain in my right lower back and had to stop the move and lie on the floor. I am so mad at myself now as I definitely know better than to perform a lifting move without checking my form first! ?.  No matter how strong, flexible or fit we are, watching our form is a very important part of lifting to prevent injury.

Now, as I write this, I am spending extra time on the foam roller trying to get the sharp knots out…ouch!! Dang it!! Too bad I had to get this reminder the hard way…

This was not exactly the topic I had planned to write about today, but decided to shift gears to serve as a reminder to you to be sure to check your form before lifting.  Don’t mess up like I did today…its going to take me a few days to get functionally back to normal now…Grrr

As important as muscle building is for our balance, strength, hormone balance, and body shape…its so important to remember to have proper form and follow the instructions of the professional trainer…  Lesson learned!

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