Smile to have a better day

Terrific Tuesday

If every morning could feel this way… It would be awesome 🙂

The baby woke up happy, my spinach and egg omelet cooked perfectly, my coffee got made, my lunch got packed, and everything done in a relatively relaxed manner, and even got out of the door on time today 🙂

It is always nice to have a great smiling start to the day! When you start with happy and positive… It tends to carry you in that manner (and attract the same thing back to you) through the day, which is awesome 🙂

Smiling has been shown to increase happy chemicals and positive feelings on the inside. Not only this, but the people around you will generally be more positive if you are… It truly does rub off on others and makes for an even better day for you! ??

So, take a few moments to really SMILE to yourself and to others today! ?