Every Choice Counts (Don’t Take Health for Granted)


If there is anything we don’t want to take for granted…it is our health!! If we don’t have our health, then how does our life look? How does life change when we don’t have our health? Just take a few minutes to think about this one.

Our health can be affected so quickly and in just a moment of time. This is why prevention is so critical! Take the time to put only clean fuel into your body… be deliberate about making your body work physically each and every day to get the blood flowing and boost your good cholesterol.

Numerous health conditions are totally preventable but we have to be deliberate about thinking about our health each and every day! What we do now really does matter! Choosing junk or processed foods over fruits and vegetables and clean proteins…NOT a good idea! Choosing to sit on the couch or laying around instead of doing some kind of exercise…NOT a good idea! Choosing a night on the town getting drunk and tonnes of junk food over a healthy evening of fun activities with the family…NOT a good idea!

Every one of those choices we make each day counts either for or against our health and well-being. The choices may not seem like a big deal at the time, but it the big scheme of things, they really are a big deal!

Take some time to be deliberate about what choices you will make towards optimizing your health and do it NOW. Now is the time…do not wait until something goes wrong…until it’s too late to prevent it…

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12 Reasons Women Think They’re Overweight (Which One Have You Used?)


It sometimes takes a little detective work to uncover the root cause...
It sometimes takes a little detective work to uncover the root cause…

The other day I asked my Facebook followers a very personal question. “For those of you who feel you are overweight, what do you honestly think the reason is for you being overweight? No judgment here, I’m just interested in the answers.”

The comments that came in were surprisingly varied and honest.

Of the many answers given, the following list of twelve reasons is a culmination of common themes and answers given.

See if any of them hit a nerve with you personally.

  1. A lack of control and willpower. I make excuses for myself and lack balance when it comes to health.
  2. I am stressed. Stressed with the kids, overwhelmed with life, and not getting enough sleep either.
  3. I’m overly busy at work and home. Often that leads to not planning meals or packing healthy food for the day, or not eating enough. I’m pretty sure that’s affecting my weight.
  4. I hate exercise (or can’t exercise due to medical issues)
  5. Emotional eating and other bad eating habits have plagued me for years. Maybe since childhood. And I struggle to believe I can change it
  6. I’m a sucker for junk food. Sweet, salty, bring it on. I can’t resist.
  7. I just plain love food. Lots of it. Pass the potatoes. And the gravy too.
  8. I think my biggest problem is laziness. It’s too much work to cook. Or exercise. And especially to be consistent with it. Sometimes I can do it well for a while, but then I fall off again, which makes me feel like giving up.
  9. I don’t care. There are more important things than health and fitness. I’m fine the way I am.
  10. My physical and mental limitations make me overweight. (depression, hypothyroidism, boredom, hormonal issues, PMS, digestive issues)
  11. I’m going through a major lifestyle change – there’s not time!! (Just had a baby, changing jobs or schedules, new marriage, moving to a new home, death in family…)
  12. I try and try, but keep falling off the wagon. Why BOTHER?! It’s depressing and embarrassing to fail at this all the time. Hard to get motivated with that going on…


That’s not all. Many women also said they didn’t like the feeling of being overweight. Which makes sense.

As these varied answers show, there is no one reason for why we’re overweight. It should be obvious then that there is also no one solution. Still, we think there is, don’t we? Exercise and eat right. That’s the magic fix for everyone. But that’s just behavior. Behavior is always driven by something deeper.

Ultimately, to fix the problem, to actually make a lasting change, we need to understand the root cause.

Once we glimpse what’s driving our behavior, we have a chance. Then we can change our beliefs or behavior to lead to transformative change.

Which of the 12 reasons did you most identify with? Mention them in the comments, or feel free to add your own reason.


CONTACT ME here, if you would like help to dig deeper, identify and resolve your own ROOT cause (many times, its not obvious and we are not even aware of it!)  to make longer term success easier and more possible for you.


9 Ways to keep Weight Off Over the Holidays

How to resist indulging during the holiday feast?
How to resist indulging during the holiday feast?

The holiday season and gathering time is upon us! It is a great time for celebration with co-workers, family and friends. The down side is that it also tends to become a time for over-indulgence and weight gain!

Why is this important, you ask?

Some statistics show that people gain an average of 8-12 pounds the last 3 months of the year between Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas Celebrations. If something isn’t done about this, this can lead to a LOT of extra weight and health issues. Who wants that!?

Just because we are in the holiday season, doesn’t mean we have the open ticket to gorge ourselves! The holidays do not have to cause weight gain if you think differently about it, have a different focus than food and follow a few tips to stay healthy.

By implementing a few simple tips you can stay healthy through the holiday season and change your focus to the activities, the fun and the true meaning behind the holiday celebrations.

9 TIPS to Help you out:

Avoid Focusing on Food…

Take focus off the food part of the celebrations. Focus on the true reasons you are getting together with others you care about such as catching up with people you have not seen in awhile, focusing on the Christmas Season and its true meaning, and participating in some fun activities such as cards, skating, making decorations, walks to check out locally decorated homes or just to enjoy the fresh air.

Have Realistic Expectations…

Be realistic. Don’t make your main focus about losing weight during the holidays. Just focus on maintaining the best health possible while avoiding gains.

Exercise Daily…

Make time for exercise every day. Exercise reduces stress levels during holidays and certainly contributes to your efforts of preventing weight gains! Consider adding extra exercise to your regular routine due to the potential increase of calorie intake during this season. An example could be an extra 30 min cardio session or even a brisk walk each day.

Avoid Skipping Meals…

Avoiding skipping meals. Be sure to have healthy snacks such as fruits, veggies, raw unsalted nuts, and/or fat free plain yogurt prior to going to a celebration or party to avoid being too hungry! This way there will be far less temptations!

Watch those Unhealthy Fluids…

Be sure to be careful about the amount of unhealthy fluids you drink. Many beverages are packed with fat and sugar (especially some egg nog and cocktails). Alcohol is a dangerous one to be drinking if you want to stay healthy since it reduces our inhibitions generally, can lead to increase snacking and over-indulgence. Also, alcohol tends to be full of calories and sugar!

Scan for Healthy Options…

When you go to an event or party, have a look at what foods are there before you start filling your plate. Choose the foods you like in small amounts and try to balance your plate to be lighter on the calories with salad and vegetables (and avoid heavy sauces). If you know there will not be any healthy options available, consider bringing your own healthy food with you or bring a healthy meal to share with others!

Cook Healthier at Home…

When doing your own holiday cooking, try to cook with the healthier, lower fat, lower sugar and lower salt alternatives. For example, you can put the gravy in the fridge and skim the fat off the top once it hardens. Use more vegetables in your stuffing instead of breads and use low-sodium broth to cook with. Remove the skin off your meats and trim any visible fat. When you make mashed potatoes, try using skim milk, garlic, low sodium broth, and Parmesan cheese instead of whole milk and butter.

Eat Slow and Stop when Full…

Eat slowly and stop once you are satisfied. Don’t keep eating until you feel over stuffed. Enjoy your favourite foods in small portions. Take in the surroundings, enjoy the people you are with and have fun without over indulging on foods or drink. You will feel much better afterwards!

Enjoy and Find a Way to Burn off the Extra Calories…

If you happen to overeat at a celebration, don’t be down on yourself. Just exercise more and eat lighter the following few days. We can make up for the small indulgences by having a plan! So if you really want a butter tart, have one, but consciously have a way to make up for it.

In summary,

Be sure to enjoy all of the holiday festivities, plan to be healthy and focus on enjoying the real reasons for the holiday celebrations and avoid over-focusing on food.

Be sure to make time for physical activity and cook as healthy as possible for your holiday meals.

Don’t restrict yourself from enjoying your favorite holiday foods (find a good way to make up for the extra calories!).

Once the holiday season is over, your mind and body will thank you!


Please comment  below with your thoughts on keeping weight off over the holidays!  Any other tips you might suggest?


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Over 40 and Tired of Being Tired? How Patients Win their Energy Back


“I’m so sick of this.” Her eyes moistened, and she lowered her head and raised a tissue to her face.

“I hate feeling so fat and tired all the time.”

At only forty-one, she was exhausted daily, experiencing regular weight gain, and it was dragging her down. Now she’d come to the medical clinic hoping I could fix it.

It was a common complaint, but my heart still hurt for her.

I knew how powerless it feels to not know what’s going on with your body.

Luckily, I’d come out of it myself, so knew firsthand how she could too.

But would she be the kind to take the advice I was about to give?
Time would tell.

“I’m sorry. That’s hard.” I said, offering her another tissue. “Thankfully, this is totally fixable.”

She looked up at me with a mix of curiosity and doubt. “How?”

This is where I wonder what they’re hoping for. A pill? Homework? A promise that the problem would fix itself?

“Your body is not made for exhaustion. It’s a finely tuned machine, capable of running excellently even into your eighties. It’s just… well, it’s kind of like a car. If you put the right fuel in the tank, you can expect it to work. If you pour cat food or dish soap in the tank, you’re going to have big problems.”

She snickered, then sighed, realizing I would not prescribe a magic pill.

I took the time at that point to stop and educate her about clean nutrition principles.. “It will blow your mind how clean eating will change your life.”

She absorbed the information and dabbed her eyes with a tissue again.

“Did you know the processed or chemical-laden foods we eat actually can lead to adrenal fatigue, diabetes, increased fat deposits? It’s because they affect our hormones, which affect metabolism, thyroid, and other hormonal functions.”

She nodded. I guessed she’d heard it before.

“Did you know poor hydration can raise blood pressure?”

“Really. Huh…”

I couldn’t tell if she was overwhelmed, disappointed, or just plain tired.

“Seriously, clean nutrition habits will change your life.”

She left my office with an exhausted, half-hearted, “We’ll see. I guess I could try it.”

I thought for sure she’d be among the majority who change nothing and return again and again with worsened symptoms. To my surprise, she jumped in with both feet and started using the clean eating principles I had so carefully explained.

To her surprise, she experienced exactly the results I talked about.

Her blood pressure decreased, emotions stabilized, and her energy sky-rocketed! She didn’t need naps every day anymore. After a few weeks, she even lost a few inches from her waistline.

Our expectation for a quick fix is only making us sicker.

The truth is, our bodies need maintenance.

Just like a car.

Sure, you can ignore it for a while, and even treat it like junk. But after a while, the bolts will loosen, the hinges will stiffen, and rust will start to eat holes in the body.

Prevention isn’t just about avoiding a wheelchair when you’re eighty.

It’s about feeling awesome and energetic on your way to eighty.

If you’re like many of the patients I meet in my job as a Nurse Practitioner, and you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, trust me – clean eating and increased physical activity will be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Try it. The simplicity and results will blow your mind. (and change your life)

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3 Myths That Keep us Fat and Tired (and What to do Instead)



Millions of books, articles, coaches, and programs tell us how to slim down and get healthy, yet most of us still struggle. We’ll try diets and we might even workout really hard for a while, only to return to the same, tired problem.

We’re fat. We’re tired. And we don’t know why.

A big reason is because some of the advice out there is just plain wrong. Believing these lies, we continue to struggle with weight and fatigue.

I’ll look at three of the biggest myths we believe, and then show you the truth

Myth #1: Eating Less Helps Us Lose Fat

Sorry, no. Eating less does not help us lose fat. Some people who try calorie cutting may experience a loss in weight, but it’s not fat they’re losing. Without adequate sustenance, the body will fuel itself by burning muscles, not fat.

What’s worse, when regular eating resumes, the body will pack the pounds back on, and in the form of fat. I know, it’s unfair. But this is how it is.

The truth is, it’s not how much we eat, but what kind of food we eat that dictates fat loss or gain. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Myth #2: Exercising More Burns Fat

What a weird thing for a fitness coach to say, right? But it’s true – exercising won’t burn fat. It builds muscle. It sends endorphins coursing through you, making you feel awesome. It has loads of health benefits and I obviously recommend exercise. But don’t expect it to be just this that burns the fat. You’ll be very frustrated if you do.

Exercise doesn’t tell our bodies whether or not to store or burn fat either, hormones do, as I’ll soon explain.

Myth #3: Ab Workouts Give You Abs

I know this goes along with Myth #2, but it’s such a common belief, it needs its own point.

We’ve been misled – perhaps by our own desperation – to believe that if we just do enough crunches, if we really hit those sit-ups hard, the fat will melt off our midsection and we’ll finally be slim.

Not so. It is impossible to turn fat into muscle.
No, I’m afraid abs are made in the kitchen.

So How Do We Really Burn Fat Then?? 

The reason none of these things work to burn fat is because they don’t impact the boss. The decision maker. The one who decides whether our body will store fat or burn it.

And that boss is our hormones.

Our hormones – particularly insulin – decide when to store food as fat rather than burning it.
Are you curious what swings insulin to choose fat storage? Are you sure? You won’t like the answer.
Oh, alright.

What triggers insulin to tell our bodies to store our food as fat is the intake of sugars, carbohydrates, and pretty much any processed foods (because they typically contain both carbohydrates and sugars (plus chemicals), and in high amounts too.)

Note: The recommended clean eating for everyone is NOT a carb-free approach. Our bodies need carbs. We just need the right kinds and in the right amounts. The less processed the better too.

Our hormones ultimately decide how much fat to store, and they don’t care about crunches. You can do two hundred sit-ups every day, it won’t matter unless you feed the hormones what they need to choose to burn fat instead.

It’s not just how much we eat or whether we workout, it’s what we eat that determines whether fat is burned or stored.

Clean eating is super, crazy important. It’s critical.
We can’t be healthy or lose fat without it.

This is why I advocate for and lead a Clean Eating Class regularly on Facebook. It’s free to join, and comes with a meal plan, recipes, shopping list, and daily challenges and motivation from me and others in the group. Contact me to join here and I’ll send you registration information.

Stop letting these myths delay your progress.
Kick your hormones into fat-burning mode with clean eating today!


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