Aspiration Wednesday!

Let's use today as a day to aspire and grow!
Let’s use today as a day to aspire and grow!


Quick photo capture during breakfast intake today…Gunner is as crazy about bananas as his auntie Lisa is!!

It’s hard to believe it’s already Wednesday… 🙂

By the way, this morning I was reading some personal development by my mentor Darren Hardy. It was interesting how he points out that people are driven by one of four psychological motivations.
1. Things(envy), 2. People(gossip), 3. Thoughts (anger), and 4. Growth (aspiration)…

The Mediocre mass spend the majority of their days thinking feeling and acting on numbers 1-3… On The other hand, the achievers (successful) spend the majority of their precious time and thought, planning, and discussion on number four.

Take a few moments to really listen to what people are thinking about and saying around you today… Do you notice? What are on your thoughts today?

After reading Darren Hardy’s post, I have decided that I’m going to call today aspiration Wednesday !! ??. Have a great day!

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