Busy Life? Transform health doing just 4 things per day!

All it takes is to think about and put into action 3 things per day. See post for more details!

Have you ever found your life being so incredibly busy that it seems it is challenging to fit in the time even for basic self-care?

My life has been go-go-go and the time is going very fast… I cannot believe 9 months have gone by already!   I am thankful that I make myself squeeze in some self care otherwise my health would be suffering…

When we’re busy, time tends to go by very fast… So if we don’t do the work to take care of ourself… Months can go by before we realize that our health is going downhill… Or worse, something bad happens and then we realize we haven’t looked after ourself for years.

A few basic things to ensure that we maintain our health during busy times are:

1-drink half your body weight in pounds in ounces of water every day and even more if you drink any coffee or alcohol !

2-Do something to be active every day… Whether it’s walking the dog or taking the stairs, walking a long distance to the shopping centre, lifting some weights, or doing a video work out..

3-Nutrition wise, it’s not so much about what you can eat, but far more about what we shouldn’t eat… We should avoid all processed food, Junk food, dyes, trans fats, and refined sugars for sure! 

4-Do something to detoxify your mind every day – meditation, get present and silent with yourself, breathe, do hypnosis…clean up those limiting thoughts, beliefs in your mind and be in peace and bliss

If all we manage to do is put in the four above items every single day, then our health will be far better and improve over time! 

It’s not even really about our body weight… But… More about how active we are and what type of fuel we put into our body.

Have yourself an active, hydrated, and healthy nutritious day! ?

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Essential Hydration Tips (and Why I Need Help With This One Today)


It took everything I had to get my dynamic strength workout done this morning.. My muscles kept powering out, had a nauseating sweat going, felt weak and slightly dizzy. After the workout, I did not have my usual energy, and had to lay on the cool floor afterwards totally spent. I was thinking to myself…what the HECK is wrong with me!?

I took a minute to think about it and realized something! During my whole clinic shift yesterday, I was quite cold, so instead of drinking water, I turned to hot drinks instead…and it was coffee! This created a problem in more than one way. Firstly, I normally only have one cup in the morning, so all of that extra caffeine affected my sleep, plus I most likely got dehydrated as well with the large amount of caffeine and not enough water! A double whammy! ?

I certainly felt the awful effects of the dehydration and lack of sleep this morning with the fatigue, muscle heaviness and no energy!

Time to remind myself (and you) of the critical importance of proper hydration and why our body needs it!

Our body is composed of 75% of water for good reason!  Why is adequate water so important?

Water helps to convert our food to energy and helps body to absorb nutrients and carry the nutrients and oxygen to our body’s cells.

Every cell in our body is constantly producing waste products and toxins that need to be flushed out and without adequate water, buildup can occur. Water helps our body to get rid of waste.  It also helps our digestive system to move properly

Water regulates our body temperature…even mild dehydration can affect this.

Water boosts energy, makes brain feel clearer and boosts productivity

Water reduces risk of cancer by getting rid of (flushing out) oxidizing materials and more.

Water can help us lose weight and promote better hormone signalling in the body and better transportation to various organs.

Dehydration can result in headaches, depression, memory loss, chronic fatigue and muscle weakness….and loss of energy to exercise!!

I have learned my lesson today.  I need to stay hydrated!

OK, so how much water should we be drinking each day?   Take your body weight in pounds and divide by 2.   That number tells you how many ounces of water you need each day.  So, for example, if you are 150 lb, you will need 75 oz of water daily which works out to 2.25 litres!  BUT, if you drink coffee or take in other caffeine sources or alcohol, water intake needs to be even higher!

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