Make Yourself Proud (Its the Way to Live Happy)

Proud of myself for completing Day 27 of my 91 day fitness and nutrition challenge.

Often times we get caught up in worrying about what other people think, making other people happy, satisfying others, all of which we think will ultimately make us happy, when in reality…  We aren’t doing anything that WE want at all.

We are simply holding our own life hostage, while we begin to live our life for other people, and not for us.  We often fall onto other peoples accomplishments, and other peoples lives in general as to what we should be doing, we begin to live our lives trying to match what others are doing…  Whether it be buying a house, getting a nice vehicle, having a baby, getting married, going on a trip, being ultra fit as a runner, body builder…  Any of those things, it’s very easy to start to want another persons life, another persons timeline.

Sometimes we say to ourselves “I need to do this” …  “I should be doing that”, as we see the happiness on social media or down the street, sometimes we start to believe that the life we imagined we would have seems to be being lived by someone else, and it’s easy to fall into jealousy.

What to do about this?

The only answer I can give you, is once we stop trying to live someone else’s life and start living our own… It opens so many doors to life that we never even knew existed.  The most important thing is NOT to make other people proud, to do what you think others want, or trying to compete with a fancy car, a baby or a bikini body.  Discussing this reminds me of a quote “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10”.

We all get started at different times, find our passions at different times, meet the person of our dreams at different times.  The time spent not with that person, or with those moments isn’t wasted time, it’s time to grow, time to live and most importantly it’s time to make yourself proud of guess who… YOURSELF!

Why is it important to be proud of yourself?

Once we begin to be proud of who we are, it changes everything.  We stop looking for other peoples lives to mimick, and simply live our own.  I know we all struggle with this, but the best thing you can do, is begin to live your life.  It doesn’t matter who is proud of you, once you are proud of yourself…  It begins.  Life begins.

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