To be Convicted is a good thing?

Today was a challenge to get my butt moving out of bed and down to the basement for a power lifting session…? …but I got it done! ?

What really helps to keep me going is the fact that I made a true decision to get fit, healthy, feel good, and to sculpt a body that I can feel good about in anything I wear. I was tired of muffin top, and fat bulging out over my bra strap, and feeling self conscious which made it hard for me to feel good in jeans and many other clothes!! Yuck!

The kind of decision I am talking about here is not just a “I wish”, or “I hope” kind of decision…this is a decision that is made with the kind of conviction that makes the other choices NOT an option…the kind of decision where you are in 100%, and NOT 99%.

The kind of decisions that are made with conviction and deep determination are those decisions that lead us to our goals. The 100% way means that there is no being on the fence, no waffling, no deciding whether or not to have that donut out of that box that someone brought into the office…it just makes it easier to be 100% into the decision and to stick to the plan. Learning to make these kind of decisions can change your life! This certainly has changed mine! ?

True decision-making gives you incredible personal power and it feels great! ?

Fitness and health is only one area, but we can use this kind of decision making in other areas of our life too…I am going to make more decisions today…I have decided! LOL ?

Comment below with a decision that you have made with conviction and are 100% in on…I would love to hear about it ?

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