Set direction And stick to it

Yesterday was rest day, so for some reason, I was thinking I would bound out of bed today for my early workout, feel energized and extra strong…but the opposite was true! ?

I actually started overheating far too soon in the workout, felt nauseated, had a cold sweat going and my muscles felt weaker than usual… Then when I was done, I had an overwhelming urge to go back to bed!! I have already had a full litre of water this morning, but am still feeling a bit dehydrated, so maybe that’s the problem…

Despite feeling somewhat crappy, I pushed through every rep and now I can at least say I did my workout of the day even though my performance was not stellar ?. My icy chocolate recovery drink is a welcome relief today, that’s for sure!

No regrets for getting it done though!?. Being consistent every day and keeping the momentum moving forward will bring me the most success. Also the things in life that steer us into being a stronger person are not supposed to be easy! Right? ?. My current philosophy is this…Set the rudder in your life in the right direction and keep doing slight adjustments as you go to stay on the right course towards your goals. Don’t let yourself or someone else nudge you off course!

Yay! It’s Friday!! Have yourself a GREAT day!!

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