Challenge Yourself to Achieve (Easy Won’t get you there)

Lots of grunting, groaning and heavy breathing with the challenging strength workout this morning! Started a new 91 day fitness challenge today and I am determined to get ‘er done no matter what!

I remember what my last trainer told me…If it was easy, there would be nothing achieved! Working out to achieve fitness goals is supposed to be hard! ?. As a result of what she said, even though it is HARD, I push myself harder all the time…after all this work, I at least want to see and feel progress!

Lets do this!

Day 1 of 91 day program completed and feeling fired up for my Monday today!?   Now to have an Icy and delicious superfood shake for recovery and then time to hit the shower! Hope you have an awesome Monday!

REMEMBER THIS…. “Choose Your Hard”…  Working out and being dedicated to a program is HARD, but looking in the mirror and being unhappy with how you look and feel is also HARD.  Which HARD do you pick?

Beware….exercise and healthy nutrition can lead to strength, flexibility, happiness, improved relationships, prevent disease, a longer and healthier life, better quality of life, a healthy weight, solid balance, reduced chance for injury and so much more!  Who wouldn’t want all of these things in their life?  Make the DECISION to choose the fitness and health “HARD” today and transform your life for the better!

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