7 Weight Loss Tips for Long Term Success


It’s no secret that there’s a direct connection between nutrition and health. Not only does your body run on the fuel you give it, to a large degree your body is the fuel you give it. But these facts don’t make it any easier to eat well and maintain a healthy weight…people across North America spend billions on diet plans and quick fixes in health and wellness industry!

So here are 7 quick tips for long term health success.

1. Keep a record and monitor weekly progress

Keep a record of what you eat and drink each day as well as what exercise you do!  When you are logging what you eat and drink, you are more likely to eat less calories and to lose weight!! You can track your food and exercise on paper like I do, or you can use an app on your phone and even make pretty graphs using those apps to share with your friends on social media to reinforce your ongoing success.  Every week, review how your week went and plan for changes and updates to your plan for the following week!  Keeping on top of this makes a HUGE difference!

2. Set goals that excite you

So even though we have to be somewhat realistic when setting our goals, we need to set goals that are outside our comfort zone and that fire you up and get you excited!  Set exciting and achievable goals and be sure to give yourself a big high-five when you achieve it. Once you achieve the first step, then set a second goal and keep moving forward!

I set goals to complete specific professional workout programs (Beachbody) and reward myself after completing them.  I then set my goal to complete the next program and visualize the results I will get.  This way, I never get bored and am always achieving something new which keeps it exciting!

3. Don’t hesitate to start with a nutrition and exercise plan at the same time and recruit some help!

Don’t listen to that voice in your head that will be telling you not to take on too much at one time. There is some truth to the fact that starting both nutrition and exercise plans at the same time will work in your favor for the long term with each supporting the other.

I have found that adding Superfood nutrition increases energy, has antioxidants and micro nutrients giving it preventative power, kills cravings and helping to accelerate weight loss.  Having a coach really made a difference for me by boosting results, motivation, accountability and support.   Contact me for more detailed information on Superfood and coach support!

4. Make the healthy choice the EASY choice!

If you are hungry, you will eat whatever food is most convenient!   Make the healthy choice the easiest choices! Whatever you do, do NOT have junk food in your pantry!  If your family or roommates want that kind of food, have them keep it out of sight or locked up!

Be sure you take your healthy foods on the road when you have to be away from home, at the office, visiting, at dance classes, or at the rink! So, yeah, keep the junk food away, and keep the healthy stuff close by!  If I don’t have my cooler full of healthy food with me, you can bet if my hunger gets the best of me, then a drive thru will be the answer!  To learn how to get started with clean eating, enter your email for a free PDF download!

5. Start your day RIGHT!

Start your day off with a high protein breakfast that contains a few different food groups. This will fire up your metabolism, get your body ready for the day, feed your mind for optimal focus, and you will be less likely to overindulge during the day because your body will already be well-fed. Eggs are a great example…they are a complete protein and are quick and easy to make into an omelet with veggies!

I get up early and do a workout, have a post-workout recovery superfood shake and then put on some eggs and a slice of ancient grain toast…now THIS combination gives great energy and a kickstart to my day!

6. Consider adding extra supplement to your plan to speed up your results

When combined with a healthy diet and exercise there are several natural supplements that can speed up fat burning by helping your body more efficiently use your natural fat burning hormone.

The better and more efficiently that this fat-burner hormone works in your body, the less appetite you will have and the more fat you will burn! KEY TIP: Don’t be conned into believing that taking a supplement alone such as Garcinia will magically burn fat, because it doesn’t work this way.

The Superfood shake I use every single day contains many ingredients that suppress appetite and promote fat burning,  so contact me for more information!

6. Make it a long term plan that you love

Your friend may be telling you about some kind of plan that involves liquid meals and capsules and a swimming routine that helped her lose 15 pounds. Sounds good but do you like liquid meals, capsules and swimming? If you don’t like these things, then perhaps her system is not one for you.

It is very important that we find something we absolutely LOVE so that it will be sustainable for the long term. Quick fix and crash diets do NOT work for the long term because they are not sustainable!   In order to maintain your results, the plan needs to keep going for long term!  If you find a plan you LOVE it will be much easier to keep it up!

In summary, nutrition and exercise with exciting goals and a sustainable plan you LOVE is the key to long term success with losing weight and maintaining fitness.  If you would like some help to set up a plan you LOVE that will work for you in the long term, please contact me and I will be happy to help you out.

Make use of a free coach (like me) to help you find a program you LOVE, for Support, Accountability, Motivation and even earn Rewards!   I have many various exercise programs from yoga to tai cheng to body building programs and Insanity!  There is a program to suit everyone!  To join a support and accountability group with me or to get some help to set up your goals using a free coach, please fill out the application HERE.


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