Strength to the Core (Reduce Waist Size)

How many of us would benefit from having a smaller waist size? I think the majority feel that it would be a good idea… especially those over 40! Gosh…being over 40, these pounds seem to slip onto the waistline so easily!!

One thing is for sure…taking time to do core work at least a couple times a week definitely makes a difference. By working those core muscles, they become smaller, stronger and more compact (thus a smaller waist size) it has definitely made a difference for me!  The moves I am doing in the video are part of a 16 min Core workout that I do at least twice per week.  It was very hard to start with, but I have been doing this for 3 months now and my core is already MUCH stronger!

The side benefits of having a strong core is that you are stronger and better in other sports and activities (everything from hockey, to running to horseback riding!)  and have a stronger back and less prone to injury!  My back pain is almost non-existent since working on my core regularly!

Core work is definitely worth it…?


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