Sick Day Exercise? (You Better Believe it!)

Sick or not, exercise is important!

Sick days really bite, don’t they? How do we make sure that those sick days don’t interfere with our health and fitness plan?

Quite often, at least for me, when I am NOT sick, I push myself to lift more, work harder, and sweat like crazy.  Even though, in my regular program, I do have a “rest”day each week where I do slow work and stretching, it would always be beneficial to do more of that to optimize my physical condition.

By doing some exercise even on a sick day, it helps us in more ways than one!

1. During sick day, we move slower and more deliberate and don’t use weights. This helps us to improve range of motion as well as our form.

2. Taking more time to relax in those stretch positions really helps to lengthen, strengthen muscles and keep our joints balanced and strong.

3. By committing to do at least some kind of exercise every single day even when we are sick, it keeps the momentum and habit moving forward and you are more likely to jump in where you left off once you are well without difficulty. By skipping days or workouts, it is proven that our motivation drops and our drive as well.

…so my advice to you…do a workout every single day even if sick. Take it easier on sick days and perhaps go without weight and spend most of your time doing stretches and maybe even some yoga to maximize your fitness and keep that motivation alive!!!

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