A Happy Grouch?

The grouch

Is it possible to be a happy grouch? Not certain about this one…

Had a very bad evening today…just felt so many cravings and was hungry and very grouchy … To top it all off, I gave in to a few too many cravings which then made me feel weighed down and even more grouchy and lazy too! ?

With the encouragement of a friend, I forced myself to do a 20 min cardio workout then tried really hard to smile for the camera. I do admit feeling a wee bit better after exercising, but still feeling bloated and so grouchy! Grr…

Not sure if I am still recovering from my cruise vacation, or if it is life challenges getting me down…but sure hope that a good night sleep will get rid of how I feel. Tomorrow is a new day, right? ?

Give me some positive encouragement in the comments to lift me up please! ?

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6 thoughts on “A Happy Grouch?”

  1. Start each day in a happy way,…
    It was on the light cover in my bedroom growing up, and it rings true more and more! Hope you have a great day tomorrow 🙂


  2. You are probably tired from your trip, taking care of a toddler ,working full time.A person can only do so much.Take time to rest.Hope you feel better soon.??

  3. Diane, everyone is allowed those “blah days” (that’s what I call them) Don’t sweat those days! When I have them, I go to bed and tell myself “tomorrow will be better” and you know what? It always is! I really believe those days are our bodies way of saying “I need a break!” Just don’t take too many breaks…lol You look great, work hard and run after a toddler! I’m in awe with you and your positive posts all the time 🙂 Hope today is better!

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